Monday, October 7, 2013

I'm Back?

Currently chasing an errant ash around in an ashtray taking a year off of my life.  I'm not nearly where I thought I would be.  I should be living in Austin, TX with the man of my dreams.  I can't lie.  I thought I would be married by now and working on the life that's to be expected.  However, I've changed.  People have changed.  I'm alone and that's a-okay.

I don't feel sad for myself. I have people in my life that care about me no matter if I'm at my worst or at my best.  That's the trick.  Weeding out the people that don't care.   It seems hard and it hurts sometimes, but in the clarity that is life, you know what's best

I wish I had a joke in this rambling post.  I wish I had something clever to say, but I'm at a loss.  I will leave you all with Louis CK's "Everything is amazing and nobody is happy"

"Everything is amazing and nobody is happy" by Meowbay